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Equipment Companies Represented
Acid Gas Wet Scrubbers AirPol
Activated Carbon for TO back-up PCC Oxidation Technologies
Agitators Cleveland Mixer
Air Heaters - Direct Fired PCC Oxidation Technologies  
Air Heaters - Indirect Fired Munters - Des Champs  
Baghouses and Bin Vents Kahl affiliate
Baghouse Control Systems Filtersense
Baghouse Rebuilds and Service Kahl affiliate
Biofilters for HAP and VOC removal PCC Oxidation Technologies
Condensers and Vacuum Systems Graham
Cryogenic Heat Exchangers Graham
Dehumidification Equipment Munters
Desuperheaters Graham
Desuperheaters Graham
Direct Fired Heaters PetroChem Development
Dryers, medium and high vacuum Lodige

Dust Collection

Kahl affiliate

Dust/Particulate Sensors Filtersense
Expansion Joints Hunter Expansion Joints
Feed Water Consulting Kahl affiliate
Fabricating (quick turn) Kahl affiliate
Fired Heaters for Refining PetroChem Development
Fired Heater - Convection Sections PetroChem Development
Fired Heater - Energy Audits PetroChem Development
Fired Heater - Revamps PetroChem Development
Flares and flare Systems PCC Oxidation Technologies
Floating Roof Tank Lightning Protection Lightning Eliminators
Fluid Handling Systems ProFlow, Inc.
Heat Recovery HEX Munters
Heliflow Heat Exchangers Graham
Hopper level Sensors FilterSense
Hydrogenation Process Plants Biazzi
Indirect Fired Heaters Munters
Industrial Overs for curing, drum, and batch Kahl affiliate
Jacketed Reactors Kahl affiliate
Lightning protection equipment Lightning Eliminators
Liquefied Gas Vaporizers Graham
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Graham
Lube Oil Coolers Graham
Machined components and parts Kahl affiliate
Mechanical Design, Fab, Construction Kahl affiliate
Mixers Cleveland Mixer
Mixer & granulators, high shear Lodige
Ozone Generators Kahl affiliate
Ozone Water treatment  Kahl affiliate
Pasteurization Process Skids Kahl affiliate
Pressure reactors, high temp Lodige
Pressure Vessels Kahl affiliate
Process dynamics consulting Kahl affiliate
Process Condensers Graham
Process Eductors Graham
Process Tanks Kahl affiliate
Resin coating services Kahl affiliate
Relief Valves (Atmospheric) Graham
RTO - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers PCC Oxidation Technologies
Sample Coolers Graham
Seal Coolers Graham
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers CMS Heat Transfer
Shell and Tube Retrofit Bundles CMS Heat Transfer
Shell and Tube HEX Service Kahl affiliate
Starch make down systems ProFlow, Inc.
Steam Condensers Graham
Steam Ejectors Graham
Strainers - self-cleaning and manual Hellan Strainer
Thermal Oxidation, direct PCC Oxidation Technologies
Thermal Oxidation - flameless PCC Oxidation Technologies
Thermal Oxidation - recouperative PCC Oxidation Technologies
Vacuum System Survey Graham
Vent Condensers Graham
Venturi Scrubbers AirPol
Wet Electrostatic Precipitators AirPol